Mental Health Therapy Services

I consider myself a short term therapist. I typically meet with clients between 6-12 sessions. Sometimes clients even feel they meet their goals in 4-6 sessions. There are times when client's mental health issues are very complex and we meet for longer than 12 sessions. I will let you know as soon as possible if I think you may need additional help. 

Your first session, or "Assessment," is 50 minutes in length. I typically ask you several questions during this time as well as listen to your reasons for seeking a therapist. It is a productive session because we can often pin point exactly what you would like to accomplish in your future sessions.

Each session after your assessment is also 50 minutes in length. I will follow up on your previous week and help form specific things for you to work on in between our sessions using your talents and strengths. The homework I assign is what clients consistently tell me helps them the most. Clients often say how much they appreciate learning how to specifically apply all they learn in session to their home life. It is one thing to meet with a mental health therapist, learn some things in session and feel good about it, but if you are not implementing and practicing changes in your life, the problems will not be resolved.

Occasionally I will meet with clients for longer than 50 minutes if needed. We can discuss your specific needs at your assessment appointment.


I typically work in the afternoon and evening hours, which has been very convenient for my clients.


$110-Initial Assessment (50 minutes)

$85-Session (50 minutes)

Accepted Payment:

I will accept cash, check or payment through PayPal. I am a certified non-network provider with TriCare and can submit claims on your behalf. If you have other insurance, I am happy to provide the necessary form to you so that you may file a claim with your insurance provider.